Centre’s Statement On Polavaram Dissappoints

The government of India made a statement on Polavaram dam in the Parliament today and it’s disappointing news. The Union Jal Shakti Ministry made a clear cut statement that the dam construction may miss yet another deadline.

Citing technical reasons, the construction is getting delayed. “We have set a new target of April 2022 and hope to meet the deadline this time. But we faced difficulties in rehabilitation and compensation for the people. Covid-19 is also one of the reasons behind the delay,” read the written statement of the Union Jal Shakti Ministry.

On various works of the dam, the ministry said the Spill-Way works have wrapped up by 88 percent while the Approach Channel Earth Works are done by 73 percent.

Delay in the construction would certainly lead to increase in budget and on this the ministry said that the revised estimates of Polavaram dam is Rs 55,548 crore and TAC had approved the latest budget too.

The question related to Polavaram dam was shot by Rajya Sabha TDP MP Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar.

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