Those Comments Have Hurt Me: Bhuvaneswari

Nara Bhuvaneswari has finally responded on the belittling comments against her in AP Assembly by ruling party leaders. The abusive comments against Bhuvaneswari had shook the AP politics as her husband and former CM Chandrababu Naidu broke in front of media. Both Nandamuri and Nara families along with scores of TDP sympathisers and leaders have vehemently condemned the demeaning remarks.

“Those comments have certainly hurt me,” Bhuvaneswari said. She said women are the foundation for society and one shouldn’t attack women on her character. She expressed her displeasure over such incidents and said that women are not “toys” to play with. Responding on Chandrababu Naidu breaking down publicly and emotionally down, wife Bhuvaneswari said, “He always strived for the state. He is committed for people’s service. He worked day and night. Very sad that he couldn’t withstand those personal comments and broke down.”

Bhuvaneswari said those who insulted her would pay the hefty price. “They’re going to face the brunt for their sins. One should not spread hatred. One should treat others respectfully and affectionately. Hatred doesn’t bring any good to society. Serve people instead of indulging in targeting opponents personally.”

While leaders like Vallabhaneni Vamsi had later expressed ‘regret’ over such personal comments in a news channel debate, those have reached Bhuvaneswari. She felt she doesn’t need anyone’s apology. She asked everyone to work for the state and people. She made it clear that she has no interest in politics. She reiterated that she just minds her own work.