‘I Won’t Leave Anyone Who Abused My Mom’


Nara Lokesh has vowed that he will not leave anyone who abused and belittled his mother Nara Bhuvaneswari. Raising a serious objection over the usage of the words used against her mother, Lokesh asked ruling party leaders whether they would use the same language and words against their family members. He found objection over the language used in the AP Assembly.

“My dad may have a big heart and he may forgive. But I don’t have a big heart like him. And I won’t forgive any. Be prepared for the serious consequences,” said Nara Lokesh speaking to the media in Mangalagiri Assembly constituency. Lokesh was touring Mangalagiri constituency. He demanded CM Jagan and ministers and ruling party leaders to make a statement in favour of Amaravati as the state capital.

“Already Andhra Pradesh has lost huge due to non-existent of a capital and confusion around the capital. I demand the government to announce Amaravati as the state capital,” said Lokesh, adding that the state lost several valuable opportunities and investments. 

The TDP’s national general secretary asked where were ministers, YSRCP MLAs and leaders during the floods. He said that YCP leaders were playing cards and passing time in their houses. He also reminded CM Jagan that he had announced Rs 50 lakh donation during Hudhud but he hadn’t spent any. “Even the car that Jagan had used as Opposition leader was provided by then state government.”

Nara Lokesh said his mother Bhuvaneswari has spent over Rs 1 Crore towards the victims of recent floods in the state. He expressed his anguish over leveling allegations against her mother.