Viral: Roja Drives 108 Ambulance

It’s been a week since, the YSRCP government has launched the emergency 104 and 108 ambulance services and it is still campaigning about it. On Tuesday these ambulances are formally launched in Nagari constituency and the MLA Roja who graced the event as chief guest, drove a vehicle and caught everyone’s attention.

After waving the green flag to the ambulances, the staff of 104 and 108 services requested her to drive one of the ambulances. Upon the request, Roja stepped into the driver’s seat and led a rally.

This act of Roja has gone viral and quite a few were shocked seeing her driving skills. Post this, Roja hit back at TDP and Chandrababu Naidu for alleging hundreds of crore scam in buying the ambulances.

“For nearly 14 years, Chandrababu served a CM for the state but not even once such ideas to implement emergency ambulances for people came to his thoughts. While Jagan is taking unprecedented care about the people’s lives,” summed up Roja and signed off.

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