Centre Puts Breaks On New Districts In AP!

Earlier this week the YCP government released a draft notification for the reorganisation of new districts in Andhra Pradesh. The draft notification read that the state government is planning to carve out 13 new districts and invited suggestions and objections from the general public, various sections of society and political parties.

The YCP government planned to place the new districts by this Telugu New Year’s Day Ugadi falling on April 2nd. Well this plan of the YCP government has received breaks with a letter from the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India.

The government of India was supposed to hold the decennial census in 2020-21 but postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With multiple waves hitting the country, the census got delayed. In December last week the Director of Census Operations had written to all the states and Union Territories in the country putting a ban on the alteration of boundaries of districts, sub-divisions, taluks, police stations, etc. till June 2022.

The AP state government reportedly received this letter on Wednesday and as per the letter, the reorganisation of the new district is not possible. Until the census operation is carried out which is the biggest drive ever in the country, the reorganisation of districts cannot take place.

The Union Home ministry plans to hold the census operations in October this year and a ban on redrawing the geographical boundaries at least three months prior, is mandatory for conducting the census operations.