Corona: Modi Surprise Call To Pune Nurse

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is lauding the medical staff, doctors, hospitals and health sector for their relentless efforts in these tested times of Corona Virus outbreak, has surprised a nurse in Pune. Modi has personally called a nurse working at the Naidu Hospital in Pune which has been treating exclusively the Covid-19 positive cases.

Nurse Chhaya Jagtap has got a call from the Prime Minister’s Office on Friday evening, confirmed a Health Official at the Pune Municipal Corporation.  PM Modi said to have appreciated Chhaya Jagtap and other hospital staff for their efforts in this fight against the Covid-19. Modi first spoke to Chhaya Jagtap in Marathi and asked her about her well-being and her family. Then he has applauded her for the work of the hospital staff.

An audio conversation between PM Modi and nurse Chhaya Jagtap has gone viral on social media. Modi had first asked her how was she allaying her family’s fears for her safety while serving Corona Virus positive patients. “Yes, I am concerned about my family, but one has to work. We have to serve patients in this situation. I am managing,” she told Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister went on to ask her if patients who are admitted in the hospital got scared. “We try and speak to them. We tell them not to get scared and assure them that nothing is going to happen to them and that their reports will come out negative, she said.

The staff tries to boost the morale of positive patients too, she is heard saying in the audio clip. Jagtap informed Modi that seven COVID-19 have been discharged from the hospital after being cured. When Modi asked her if she had a message for lakhs of medical staff working tirelessly in various hospitals, Jagtap said, “There is no need to be scared. We have to drive this disease out and we have to make our country win. This should be the motto of hospitals and staff.”

The Prime Minister lauded Jagtap for her devotion and service. “Like you, there are lakhs of nurses, paramedical staff, doctors, who like true ‘tapaswis’, are serving patients in various hospitals in the country right now. I would like to congratulate you. I am happy to have heard your experiences,” Modi said.

This act of Prime Minister has won the hearts of citizens and netizens who are lauding him.

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