Naidu & Yellow Media Are Not Happy: Jagan

Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy charged the TDP with hatching a conspiracy behind the employees strike. He alleged that Opposition leader and TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu and his ‘yellow media’ were the only people who would wish that the government employees go on an indefinite strike. Neither the government nor the employees or the public would wish that they go on the warpath but the TDP and its sympathisers are keen on cornering the YCP government and so, feel happy if anybody criticizes our government, he said.

The TDP and yellow media, along with the Left parties, were saddened when the employees reached an agreement with the YCP government and called off their strike. We are seeing red flags in the front which have a hidden ‘yellow agenda’, he said.

The state expenditure during Babu’s rule is Rs 1,198 crore but under the YCP government, the state is spending Rs 3,187 crore, he said and tried to stress that their government is paying more than what Naidu gave to the employees.

Comrades support Naidu

He reminded that Naidu had even written letters to the Centre stating that BCs are not fit to be judges and lamented that the same person is being considered as the most liked comrade by the Left parties. The Left parties are supporting Chandrababu Naidu even when he had stolen lands in the name of benamis in Amaravati. “People will not mind if the BCs, SCs and STs are allocated house sites in Amaravati but Babu said that it would create demographic imbalance. This shows his discrimination against the backward castes but there are people who support him even when he had filed petitions on the same in the court. This shows to which low levels the society has stooped,” Jagan pointed out.

Yellow channels are repeatedly broadcasting reports that the unemployed youth have been staging dharnas while in reality, it is the YCP government which created more than 1.84 lakh government jobs in two-and-a-half years while the total number of government employees since Independence to the time when the YCP came to power were just 3.5 lakh in the state. By employing volunteers in the village/ward secretariats and merging the RTC in the government, we have created more government jobs, Jagan iterated. “If anybody highlights the failures of the YCP government on social media, that is being carried as headlines in their news bulletins. This makes me happy and feel sorrow at the same time. I am happy that the yellow media is stooping to abysmal levels to pull me down as I have grown to a higher level.”

YCP giving more than TDP

The yellow media are asking the employees to specifically denounce the YCP government, praise TDP governance, Chandrababu Naidu and promising more coverage to those criticizing the Chief Minister, he lamented.

The TDP government only spoke of minimum time scale but never implemented it but the YCP government had been implementing the rule since it came to power, he reminded.

The employees and public can compare the salaries given to all classes of employees under the TDP rule and the YCP rule. They will understand that it is always more than that what was given by Chandrababu, he said.