Secretariat Demolition: Revanth Faults KCR’s Vaastu Belief

Congress MP Revanth Reddy alleged that Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao was determined to have new Assembly and Secretariat complexes because of his strong belief in “Vaastus shastra”. Reddy said that over 16 CMs ruled the state, including the period when AP was united, but none of their sons succeeded them as a CM. “Now, KCR is worried that if the same buildings continue, his son might never get a chance to be the CM. It is for this reason that he had decided to demolish both the structures,” the Congress leader said.

Revanth Reddy suggested that political leaders and those governing the states should not have superstitions and should not try to rub them on the people. At the same time, they should not burden the state exchequer with their beliefs and superstitions, he said.

Revanth Reddy said that the Opposition parties filed a PIL in the court objecting the demolition of the Secretariat but it was set aside when the Advocate General told the court that a technical body has been constituted to look into the matter and that a final decision would be taken by the Cabinet only after it submitted a report. “Since then, the Cabinet has not taken a final decision but the CM gave orders for the demolition of the Secretariat building,” he pointed out.

“Even if the TRS government has decided to raze the Secretariat building to the ground, it should get clearance from the environmental department and National Green Tribunal. The government should also follow the norms set by the Supreme Court. The apex court directs the authorities demolishing a structure to submit a report to the environmental department and the NGT about the environmental impact of demolishing the structure and also the details of where the debris would be dumped and environmental impact it will have at that place.”

“But, KCR had not completed all these formalities. According to media reports, the debris of the Secretariat would be dumped at Jawahar Nagar on the outskirts of Hyderabad but the apex court had issued directions in 2017 that the place should not be used as a dumping yard,” the Congress MP reminded.

Reddy said that they also argued that the Masjid and Nalla Pochamma temple on the premises of the Secretariat should not be demolished even if the whole structure is brought down. Both the religious places of worship were built for the convenience of the Secretariat employees and visitors to offer their prayers at the workplace. “However, the Chief Secretary and DGP, who acted on the orders of the KCR, had been brutal and put the Congress leaders under house-arrest, cordoned the area and began the demolition, caring a hoot to the sentiments of the Hindus and Muslims who pray at these places and make offerings, the MP said.

The Congress MP also reminded that the apex court issued directions to the Chief Secretary of the state government not to build any permanent structures in 2,000 acres within the vicinity of the Tank Bund. “When the Congress leaders took the same issue to the notice of the HC, immediately stay orders were given regarding the demolition and works have been stalled,” Revanth Reddy claimed.

He also slammed the MIM party and employees union leaders for welcoming the demolition of the Masjid and the Nalla Pochamma temple. He also faulted the BJP for remaining silent over the demolition of the temple on the Secretariat premises and alleged that the party leaders were silent as they had taken commission from KCR.

Revanth Reddy demanded that BJP leaders KishanReddy and Bandi Sanjay should respond on the demolition of the Secretariat.

He said that the Congress was condemning the demolition of the temple and mosque on the premises of the Secretariat and demanded that KCR and Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar should be arrested and lodged in the Cherlapally jail.