Harish Rao Corners AP CM Jagan

It is official that TRS is on warpath with the BJP. Telangana CM KCR is holding press conferences every now and then to attack the BJP and when there is a reaction from the saffron party, the TRS ministers are taking the turn to hit back. But in this verbal spat, a TRS minister dragged AP CM YS Jagan and questioned the CM’s silence.

Apparently the BJP government in Delhi brought the electricity (power) reforms and as part of it, metres are being attached to all the agriculture based borewells. Those states which are not implementing these reforms, the Modi government is declining the states several benefits such as cutting down the FRMB limit and denying them additional loans.

AP is in dire status and CM Jagan has bowed down to the pressure from BJP government. In Srikakulam district, nearly forty thousands metres are attached to the agriculture based borewells/motors and there is a huge disappointment among the farmers.

Taking up this issue, TRS minister Harish Rao lashed out at AP BJP leaders who commented on KCR. “The Andhra BJP leaders must answer why metres were fixed to the agriculture borewells. There are nearly forty thousand metres in just one district and I’m surprised that AP CM Jagan is not uttering a word against the power reforms brought by the BJP government,” said Harish Rao.

The Telangana finance minister further added it’s a great betrayal on part of the BJP government to announce incentives for agreeing to the power reforms. “Our CM KCR made it clear that he will not implement the reforms in the state as it will do a grave injustice to the entire farming community,” added Harish.

These comments have put AP CM Jagan in corner and for sure the YCP ministers will come up with a reply but they need to issue a full clarification on power reforms instead of countering the TRS minister politically.