Balakrishna Writes Two Letters To Jagan

Generally hero and Hindupur MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna doesn’t ask anything from anyone. Only on two occasions, he urges others to help. One is about his Basavatarakam hospital and regularly he visits USA and appeals to NRIs to make contribution such that the hospital can provide more advanced facilities for the poor patients.

The second is about the people who have voted for him i.e, about his constituency Hindupur. On Monday Balayya has written not just one but two letters to AP CM YS Jagan. In the letter, Balayya urged the CM Jagan to establish a medical college in the constituency. The Hindupur MLA added that the previous government even gathered 52 acres of land for the medical college at Muluguru and the officials have records of the land gathered. This place also connects Bengaluru and Hindupur and is at an appropriate juncture and if the medical college is established, the development would be more.

In the second letter, Balayya mentioned about the YCP government’s plans of converting 25 Parliamentary segments into districts. In case, if the state government is seriously considering this option, Balayya urged CM Jagan to make Hindupur as district and also the district headquarter.

Well, Jagan’s thoughts are very close to that of Balayya in terms of Hindupur and the AP CM might certainly give a thought about it.

This is for the first time that Balakrishna has written to CM Jagan and asking for something. How will Jagan respond is something time would answer us. Once upon a time Jagan was NBK fans association president and now Jagan is CM and Balayya is opposition party MLA. The equations look odd.

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