Fulfilled 95% Poll Promises In 3 Years: Jagan In Assembly

AP CM YS Jagan announced in the AP Assembly that his YCP government has fulfilled 95 percent of the poll promises during the 2019 general elections. Marking the first Jagan unveiled a calendar for the welfare schemes that will be implemented for the financial year 2022-23 i.e, from this year’s April to March 2023.

From next month, the YCP government will initiate Jaganna Vasathi Deevena and interest free loans. Speaking on the occasion, Jagan said this budget has the balance of welfare schemes and development. The previous government has no good work to show while our government shows in action what can be done for people.

Assembly Speaker Tammineni showered full praise on Jagan and appreciated the budget and its allocations. “This budget has allocations for every section of society and this session has been very satisfying. Our government introduced crucial bills and I’m happy to be part of it. The state government was also responsible in clearing the doubts of the members who raised several questions,” said Tammineni.