1600 Acres Of Amaravati Land For Sale?


AP CM YS Jagan led YSRCP government’s decisions on Legislative capital, Amaravati are making it to the limelight one after the other. A petition has been filed in AP High Court against the government’s decision to sell 1600 acres of land that was taken from farmers.

Going into details, the previous Chandrababu Naidu government signed a MoU with Singapore companies. As part of this deal, the TDP government allotted 1691 acres to Singapore companies and they were supposed to develop these lands.

But at the right time, the government changed in the state and subsequently, the Singapore companies have backed out of this project. Also the YSRCP government has taken back the lands that were allotted. After taking the lands, the YCP government has placed them for sale.

Learning about this, a petition has been filed in the AP High Court against the government’s decision to sell the 1600 acres of land. But the government aims to pocket some revenue with the sale of lands which in this region is said to be in huge demand.

But the petitioners claim that how can a government put the land for sale instead of developing it as part of the capital region. The case is pending in High Court and we have to see how the government argues and defends itself before the court.

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