Akka Chellemmala Chethilo Rs 10,000 Cr Aasthi: Jagan

Finally AP CM YS Jagan’s long pending wish of distribution of house documents (Illa Pattalu) to the beneficiaries, took shape with the program getting a formal launch in Vizag. CM Jagan added that a house is a permanent address to a woman and it’s his dream to see every woman having their own home.

“This program was supposed to take place a couple of years back but oppositions conspired and lodged multiple cases against it. Clearing the hurdles, 17,000 Jagananna Colonies are going to be established across the state in the coming years and every colony will have 10,228 homes. 30.76 Lakh beneficiaries fall under this scheme and we are investing Rs 55,000 crore for the construction of 30 Lakh homes,” said Jagan.

This event was held in Vizag and Jagan added that 1.25 Lakh beneficiaries will be handed over the residential documents and the worth of it is Rs 10,000 crore. (Padi Vela Kotla Aasthini Akka Chellamma Chethilo Peduthunnanu, said Jaga).

CM Jagan targeted TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and said that not even five lakh homes were constructed by the previous government. In the YCP government, currently over 15 Lakh homes are in construction stages and another 3 Lakh constructions were given approvals.

Jagan also dropped hints about the Executive Capital in Vizag. “Every soon Secretariat, Market Yard and three parks are coming up in Vizag and the dimensions of the city will change,” commented Jagan.

The YCP chief also appealed to the people who haven’t received this benefit. “I urge everyone who doesn’t have a home to visit the nearest Village Secretariat and apply. Once the verification is done and if you’re truly eligible, I will take the responsibility of providing a permanent accommodation,” stated Jagan.

This is one of the biggest housing schemes in the country but the end target really matters.