Modi At ISB: #ThankYouCBNForISB Trends!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to ISB’s 20th anniversary celebration has become talk of the town. Modi’s visit to ISB and his appreciation to ISB graduates leading various businesses in the country has indeed thrown light on the ivy-league university. This naturally garnered attention on ISB and how it came to Hyderabad. The man behind is none other Nara Chandrababu Naidu, then Chief Minister of the state. So, many have recalled Naidu’s vision and his efforts. #ThankYouCBNForISB has been trending on Twitter with facts and trivia about CBN’s hard work.

“Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Hyderabad were considered. But CM @ncbn came to the airport to welcome us, and gave us a 200-acre plot & single-window clearances,” Prof Bala V, Ex-chairman and Kellogg School of Business, Illinois (2008) was quoted. “20 years ago the establishment of ISB in Hyderabad was one of the feather from CBN’s cap. We Love @ncbn CBN for his determination & dedication to enhance Telugu people (Telangana/ Andhra / Seema) livelihood #ThankYouCBNForISB,” wrote a netizen. “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into Reality,” wrote another netizen.

The old pictures of barren land of ISB site and in comparison with the present picture of ISB have gone viral. Praises poured in on Naidu. Besides his fans and TDP’s admirers, many IT employees, techies, business heads, corporates and students have all hailed Naidu.

How ISB Came To Hyderabad?

The story is then CM Chandrababu Naidu came to know that some leading industrialists were planning to establish a world-class business school from his then secretary and IT whiz Randeep Sudan. He had informed Naidu that A.P. should grab the opportunity. This was the start of ISB’s story. Naidu started with contacting each member of the ISB scouting team personally and sending them a letter. But the members informed that Hyderabad was not on their list saying they shortlisted three metros — Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore.

But perseverant Chandrababu Naidu had not given up. “The ISB would not have come to Hyderabad if efforts stopped there. But, I was reluctant to give up. I invited them for a cup of coffee,” Chandrababu Naidu had recalled in his old speech.”and it was one step closer towards success,” Chandrababu added.

Later, the ISB team agreed for a breakfast meeting. Chandrababu had sent his ministers to the airport to receive the ISB team. A presentation was made to them after breakfast. The delegation sought to know what incentives they can expect from the government as the ISB was no-profit organisation and run by a trust.

Chandrababu had told them, “Since you will be visiting other States, whatever they offer, please let me know. If they offer X, I will make it X+1”

“They told me they will get back to me with a decision. The rest is history. The Government of Andhra Pradesh signed an MoU on 19th September 1998 for the setting up of ISB in Hyderabad. The Foundation Stone was laid on 20th December 1999,” Chandrababu tweeted.

Finally, Hyderabad was zeroed in on as some States asked for reservation, while some didn’t even give an interview to the team. “The ISB is now among the premier and reputed institutions across the globe. It maintains high standards. The admissions are never based on recommendations but purely on merit,” Chandrababu said.