Three Capitals: High Tension on AP Guv’s decision

It’s been more than a week that the ‘Three Capitals’ and CRDA cancellation bills were sent to AP Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan. Yet the Governor is in no hurry to take a decision and last week he consulted legal experts from Delhi and took their opinion.

Also a couple of media channels are reporting that the YCP government has sent a senior minister and officials to convince the AP Governor from getting his approval.

From the AP Raj Bhavan sources we hear that the Governor has come to a decision after a long discussion and deliberations. Governor’s decision will be out in a day or two, is what we hear from Raj Bhavan sources.

By Friday or weekend, the Governor will reveal his decision and there is a huge tension among the AP public.

Meanwhile the TDP is also eagerly anticipating for the Governor’s call.