Jagan Govt Withdraws 800 Crore Of Employees PF Money?

Debt-laden Andhra Pradesh state government has reportedly withdrawn Rs 800 Crore money from the government employees General Provident Fund (GPF). According to the employees unions, the GPF amount of various government employees in several districts has been ‘debited’ in March this year.

Employees union leaders state that many employees received messages that amount from their GPF accounts were ‘debited’. However, the Unions state that they have no clue who debited money from their PF accounts. Employee Unions have threatened to file a criminal case against the ‘missing’ money from the GPF accounts. Union leaders state that there is no communication from the state government yet.

Employees Union leader Suryanarayana is left in deep shock when he realised that Rs 83,000 of his PF amount was debited in March 2022. Initially he thought it was some mistake. But when he alerted his fellow employees and other leaders of the employees union, they realised that the PF amount of many of the employees was debited. According to Employees Unions, the GPF amount from 90,000 employees has been withdrawn and it is Rs 800 Crore.

Employee Unions stated that they had faced a similar instance earlier when the state government had withdrawn their PF money without notice. But the government had later deposited the PF amount after raising a complaint.

Demanding a proper inquiry into the whole episode, employees unions have threatened to lodge criminal cases in the police stations in every district. The employee union leaders state the CFMS of the Finance Department has the technology to directly withdraw the employees PFs from their accounts. Meanwhile, AP government is yet to make a statement on this issue.