Don’t Allow RRR, Sai Reddy Writes To Loksabha TV

The battle between Lok Sabha MP Raghurama Krishna Raju and YSRCP Parliamentary Party leader Vijay Sai Reddy has intensified. The duo recently had ugly war on Twitter. While Sai Reddy went on to call Raghurama Krishna as ‘Wig Raju’, Raju described Vijay Sai as “Condom” Reddy. Vijay Sai, who is deeply hurt, has written a letter to Speaker Om Birla expressing his regret for inaction from the Speaker’s office on the previous petition of YSRCP seeking disqualification of Narasapuram MP Raghurama Krishna Raju.

Citing para 2(1)(a) of the 10th Schedule with Article 102 of Constitution, citing Rule 6 & 8 (i)(b) of defection rules of 1985, Vijay Sai Reddy had submitted a representation to Speaker Om Birla on July 3, 2020 seeking disqualification of Raghurama Krishna Raju. He also asked the Speaker to disqualify Raghurama in the coming Lok Sabha session stating that he should not be continued as MP in Lok Sabha “Legally, Morally, & Ethically.” This has been pending with the Speaker’s office.

Meanwhile, Vijay Sai Reddy wrote a letter to the CEO of Sansad TV which has become a talking point in political circles. Sai Reddy appealed to the Sansad TV head that Raju should not be called in for discussions of the channel as YSRCP MP, leader. Sai Reddy said Raghurama Raju doesn’t belong to YSRCP and hence he can’t be allowed to participate in Rajya Sabha TV debates.

While Raghurama Raju hasn’t submitted his resignation to YSRCP and YSRCP too didn’t suspend him from the party, how can Vijay Sai Reddy appeal to the Sansad TV head to restrict Raghurama from appearing in TV discussions. On what grounds, Vijay Sai Reddy is seeking disqualification of Raghurama Raju continues to be a debatable point. While Raghurama Raju has openly criticised his party and its leader which comes under party’s discipline, but Raju has never been part of any defection. Instead of seeking disqualification from the Speaker and appealing to channel heads to not consider Raghurama Raju as YSRCP MP, YSRCP should suspend Raghurama Raju from the party which it is not doing for its own reasons.

In fact, Raghurama Raju has openly challenged YSRCP and Vijay Sai Reddy to suspend him from the party but no luck. The Speaker also can’t take action against an elected Lok Sabha MP without proper ground. There are no major criminal charges against Raghu Rama Krishna Raju to seek his disqualification either. So, it is Sai Reddy and YSRCP who have to come up with better ideas to trouble Raghurama Krishna Raju.