Telangana: Just Rs 1000 For Corona Treatment

Though a bit late the Telangana government is cracking down on the private hospitals in Hyderabad that are looting people in the name of Covid-19 treatment. The other day, the government revoked the permit of Deccan hospitals that had charged a bomb from a family and yesterday three more hospitals, including Virinchi at Jubilee Hills faced similar action.

In order to send a strong warning, Telangana Health minister Eatala Rajendra has called on the press and made some notable comments. Slamming the private hospitals that are behaving in an inhuman manner, Eatala said, “The state government’s guidelines in Corona treatment are made mandatory for private hospitals. Despite this, the hospitals are charging as per their wish from patients. We have received thousands of complaints on private hospital.”

Adding, the health minister questioned, “How can private ask to pay Rs 2 Lakh as deposit before admitting the patient? Some of the complaints includes Rs 1 Lakh per day charges and if a patient is in hospital for 15 days, they need to pay Rs 15 Lakh. And if a patient dies, the victim’s family need to pay another Rs 4 Lakh for the dead body. These complaints are a blot to humanity and private hospitals have lost their consciences here.”

Eatala also warned that if hospitals don’t change their attitude, the government will not hesitate to cancel the licenses of hospitals.

Then on Corona treatment, Eatala said Rs 1000 is enough and he classified the terms. “The tablet would cost Rs 15 Paisa while an injection would cost Rs 10. These are not my words but are of experts committee who studied about the treatment. For the oxygen cylinder, even if a patient is kept on oxygen for 10 straight days, it would just cost Rs 2500. People are thinking of big hospitals but actually there is no need to go that far.”

Concluding Eatala stated that Corona is not that virus that would kill a human instantly. If proper medication is taken, anyone can overcome it.

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