Viral Video: Bandi Caught Carrying Amit Shah’s Shoes

In a viral incident Telangana BJP chief Bandi Sanjay was caught rushing for shoes that reportedly belong to Union Home Minister Amit Shah. On Sunday’s tour to Telangana, Amit Shah visited a local temple and the above incident was reported here.

After offering prayers, Amit Shah and Bandi Sanjay were coming out. But Bandi Sanjay rushed ahead of Shah to give the latter his shoes. An unidentified person has caught this on camera and posted on social media.

Taking advantage of this, the TRS social media supporters widely circulated the video and slammed Bandi Sanjay for his ‘slavery’ act. This video is storming the Telangana political circles.

“The whole Telangana is watching these Gujarati slaves who carry their Delhi bosses shoes. The Telangana society is ready to reverse the attempt to denigrate Telangana’s self-respect and uphold Telangana’s pride,” tweeted KTR.

Bandi Sanjay is yet to respond on this incident and he would certainly defend his act. But it wasn’t necessary for him to display his loyalty for the party or top brass of BJP.