All Eyes On Three Capitals Bill

The YCP government has decided to host the AP Assembly sessions (Monsoon) from September 15th and all eyes are on the ‘Three Capitals’ bill. Though in the recent AP cabinet meeting, the ‘Three Capitals’ thing was not discussed, IT minister Gudiavada Amarnath dared the opposition to stall the bill.

The ruling party is already laying strategies for the sessions and hopes to discuss mainly the welfare schemes implemented by the state government during these three and a half years. YCP also wants to debate the Polavaram-rehabilitation package in the Assembly and wants to expose the technical problems faced in the Polavaram project, thereby in thoughts to blame the previous TDP for delay in the project’s construction and completion.

On the ‘Three Capitals’ bill, with the AP High Court passing a verdict in favour of Amaravati farmers, the YCP government doesn’t want further legal hurdles and so may not introduce the bill in the coming sessions.

The main opposition, Telugu Desam is also hatching a sketch to counter the YCP. TDP will demand for a debate on inflation, prices of essential commodities and mainly the financial position of the state.

Coming AP Assembly sessions are going to witness a big verbal war like every other session without any doubt.