‘Naidu Is Local To Hyd, Non-local To Kuppam’

Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy spit venom against former CM and TDP boss N. Chandrababu Naidu during his maiden visit to Kuppam, the native constituency of Naidu.

He lambasted his bete noire and former CM N. Chandrababu Naidu for neglecting his own constituency, Kuppam, despite exploiting the electorate making false promises. The CM said that the local MLA of Kuppam (Naidu) was in fact, a local to Hyderabad (in neighbouring Telangana) but non-local in Kuppam. This remark evoked a huge applause from the audience. Chandrababu never lives in Kuppam to know the ground situation in his constituency, he pointed out.

In the 45 years of his political career, Naidu had been the MLA of Kuppam for 33 years but there is not an iota of development visible in the constituency. In fact, people in this constituency will find it easy to tell what the local MLA had not done to them. They will have to tap their brains hard to tell what development the MLA had brought to their constituency, Jagan ridiculed.

The CM blamed Naidu for the drought-like situation in his constituency. For a complete 14 years, he (Naidu) claims to have been the CM and that he has a very good rapport and immense influence over the leaders at the Centre but unfortunately, he could not take measures to overcome the drought-like situation in his own constituency, Jagan pointed out. The CM blamed Chandrababu for the drought-like condition in Kuppam.

“He (Chandrababu) knows that Handri-Neeva water alone can be the solution to the drought-like condition in Kuppam but he became greedy for the kickbacks and gave the project works to a contractor from his own party who could not complete them till today,” Jagan said.

He also accused the Pedda manishi (Naidu) of swindling thousands of crores in the name of rural water development scheme. Naidu embezzled government funds claiming that he was supplying drinking water through tractors but there was no truth in them.

Jagan ridiculed Naidu for not being able to have at least a double road in Kuppam municipality. He promised to lay the link road from Krishnagiri to Palamner but could not succeed in making it a reality, he said.

Naidu cannot lay roads but promises of constructing an airport for Kuppam just before the polls, Jagan pointed out and wondered whom was the Pedda manishi trying to cheat.

Ahead of the elections, slogans saying ‘job kavalante babu ravali’ gain mileage but after the polls, there are no jobs and Babu (Naidu) is least bothered about the jobless. Over 5,000 youth migrate to Chennai and Bengaluru in search of jobs from Kuppam and what has the 14-year CM done to prevent that practice, Jagan asked.

The YCP supremo castigated Naidu for failing to set up at least a revenue division in Kuppam even when the electorate had been faithful to him for 14 years. When the voters insisted for a revenue division, surprisingly, he writes a letter to Jagan to look into the issue, he pointed out.

At this juncture, the CM certified himself as ‘manchodu’ and Kuppam’s own child and termed Naidu as an ‘inefficient’ leader. Or is he intentionally not doing any good to Kuppam people, he asked.

It has to be seen how the TDP would reply to all the allegations and criticism by the CM.