Jagan’s Special Flight To Tirupati, Drops Bharati in Hyd!

AP CM YS Jagan visited Tirumala on Tuesday to take part in the nine-day annual `Srivari Brahmotsavam.’ It’s a tradition that the head of the state government, the Chief Minister, has to make official offerings to the deity and Jagan has been doing the same from 2019. But due to Covid-19 the Brahmotsavam was held in closed doors in the last two years.

Before that CM Jagan took a chartered flight from Vijayawada. Initially Jagan and his wife Bharati were supposed to visit Tirumala. CM Jagan wanted to checkmate the criticism coming from the oppositions by paying a visit to Tirumala with family and offering the holy clothes to Lord Venkateswara Swami.

This plan received a modification at the last minute. Hours after taking the special flight from Vijayawada, it was only CM Jagan who landed in Tirupati. Apparently Jagan’s special flight from Vijayawada reached Tirupati via Hyderabad. YS Bharati was dropped at Begumpet airport in Hyderabad, then CM Jagan continued his journey to the temple town.

The social media and opposition debated on this. While the opposition countered Jagan for ignoring the Tirumala tradition yet again, the social media criticised the people in government using taxpayers money for personal needs. “There were many flights scheduled from Gannavaram to Hyderabad and Bharati can easily afford a flight for any time. But she opted to travel in Jagan’s chartered flight at the interest of public money,” commented a few netizens.

In the past, government convoy vehicles were not used for personal needs. But now times have changed and the Chief Minister himself is using planes for personal trips, thereby setting a bad example. Politicians especially people in government need to be aware of using taxpayers money wisely, opined the netizens.