That’s Seethakka! Takes Aerial Survey On Auto

The incessant rains have created havoc in Telangana. Major cities like Warangal and Khammam are in flood sort of situation and the rural parts are completely water logged. The River Godavari is flowing dangerously and in both the Telugu states, it’s a red alert.

In agency regions like Mulugu district, the people are facing many problems. But there is a delay in the rescue operations from the government and so the MLA of the region has stepped up. She is MLA Seethakka and we need no introduction of this lady.

Seethakka had done an aerial survey in auto in her constituency and was shaken up by the problems being faced by people in view of the unprecedented rains. Sharing the survey video on her social media handles, Seethakka urged the PM Modi and CM KCR to announce a special package for the floods.

During the weekend, Seethakka had personally overseen the evacuation of locals from her constituency and a day after that she toured the flood affected area.

Seethakka is always a people’s leader and probably no other MLA in the state does that kind of service for the people who voted for her.