Janasena Behind Ali’s Advisory Post

Film actor Ali joined the YSRCP in 2019, but he was shown an empty hand post-win. The star comedian had campaigned for the party during the last general elections and expected a Rajya Sabha seat or a government position in return. It was rumored that Ali was persistent on a position in governance for a long time.

In the last few weeks, rumors sprung up that Ali is frustrated with the dilly-dallying about his position in the party and he is all set to wave bye-bye. All of a sudden, a government order came out confirming his appointment as Electronic Media Advisor to Government and his post will be of two-year tenure. Needless to say that this position of Advisor is nowhere close to his aspirations of a Rajya Sabha seat, not even close.

It looks like the YCP’s damage control move to retain the famous face in the party, as the party always lacked glamor. The rumors went strong that annoyed Ali is looking at Janasena and that seems to be the reason for YCP to appoint Ali to a position with the AP govt in a rush to stop him from leaving for Janasena. In a way, Janasena helped him in getting a position in the YCP government.

Ali had been with the party since 2014 unofficially. The actor-politician aspired for the Guntur MLA ticket but was not given and instead got assurance that he will get it if YSRCP wins in the election. The YSRCP did not make it in the polls, but Ali stayed with the party. He worked for the party in 2019 as well but was offered nothing except the rumored Waqf board chairman post. Even that did not happen and finally, he is appointed as the advisor to the government now.

Many opine that Ali has been with the party for a long time and appointing him to a nominal post of electronic media advisor will not help him or the party. There are many advisors to the government already and Ali will join as one of them. Well, it seems to be working for now as the tenure ends after two years.