My Phone Is Being Tapped: Telangana Governor

Guv Tamilisai and KCR

Telangana state Governor Tamilisai Soudararajan made shocking comments. She expressed doubt that her phone is getting tapped. She further alleged that an undemocratic rule is going on in Telangana state. Tamilisai alleged that Raj Bhavan is being dragged into ‘farmhouse’ issue where allegedly horse trade of three MLAs was attempted by alleged BJP leaders. The issue is currently in the court. Tamilisai alleged that the state government is trying to drag her in one way or another. She alleged that including Tushar’s name was part of the ‘conspiracy’. She said Tushar had worked as ADC earlier in the Raj Bhavan and hence his name was included in the farmhouse horsetrading issue.

Responding to the allegations that she had withheld the bills sent by the Telangana state government, Tamilisai stated that she had no such intention. She made it clear that she took “time” to go through all the bills she received. She said that a false propaganda was launched against her in the meantime.

Governor Tamilisai has shot a volley of questions to the Telangana state government. She asked what is the necessity of a new recruitment board pertaining to recruitments in various universities. Tamiliasai stated that several VC posts have been lying vacant for the last 8 years. She said she sent a detailed report to the government. She said she raised questions whether it was part of the UGC norms and any legal issues would come up? What is the protocol followed in the board? Tamilisai said she was shocked to learn that the minister had got no information.

Meanwhile, Governor Tamilisai asked the students facing problems, issues to knock on the door of Raj Bhavan anytime. She stated that Raj Bhavan is not Pragati Bhavan and it is open for the students to knock on the doors of the Governor office with no restrictions. Governor’s statements have clearly exposed the ongoing tussle between the Governor and CM in the state and thus widened the gap between the Governor and CM.