They Will Rename India As YSR India: Pawan Kalyan

Janasena President Pawan Kalyan launched a sharp attack on YSRCP Advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy during his Mangalagiri visit on Sunday. Pawan distributed Rs 1 lakh each to the women whose buildings were demolished in Ippatam.

Calling Sajjala the De Facto CM of Andhra Pradesh, Pawan alleged that Sajjala was the man behind the Ippatam building demolition conspiracy. “Ippatam gadapalu koolcharu…Naa gundello gunapam dinparu…(They demolished the buildings in Ippatam and stabbed my heart with a crowbar),” said Pawan. “I will remember all those troubled us and reply to them in my style after 2024,” the actor-politician vowed.

Pawan went on to throw an open challenge to Sajjala. “I’ll see how YSRCP will win in 2024. We will not sit keeping our fingers in our mouth if you take away all the 175 seats. We won’t let you win again. If left to them (YSRCP), they will even rename India as YSR India like how they renamed Kadapa as YSR Kadapa. YSR was not as great as Gandhi or Ambedkar,” the Janasenani said amid a loud cheer from fans and party workers.

“Why is Sajjala so interested in knowing what transpired in my meeting with Modi? Sajjala, come to me and I’ll reveal all the secrets in your ear,” Pawan mocked. I don’t need the PM to defeat YSRCP. I will wage my own battle and defeat them,” he added. “The difference between YSRCP and Janasena is that, YSRCP aspires to stay in power for the next 30 years, whereas I aspire to see people’s lives changing for better in the next 30 years,” said Pawan.