Big Drama: YS Sharmila Along With Car Pulled Over By Cops

Huge drama unfolded on Tuesday as YS Sharmila attempted to enter CM KCR’s Pragathi Bhavan, the official residence and workplace. Sharmila’s bus was damaged yesterday by some TRS leaders. Her car windshield was also attacked by some local TRS leaders. 

Reacting on the same, Sharmila drove the damaged car on her own from Lotus Pond and attempted to enter Pragathi Bhavan. The bus that was damaged yesterday was following Sharmila’s car. 

Knowing about her plans, Telangana police have stopped Sharmila’s car at Rajbhavan Road. As Sharmila refused to get down from the car. With the help of a crane, police have lifted the car along with Sharmila. Thus the police pulled over the car in which Sharmila was sitting. The car along with Sharmila was towed till SR Nagar police station. This  resulted in a heavy traffic jam on the busy road.

Sharmila said she had not made any mistake. She said she hadn’t made any personal comments. She said she had only made allegations on MLA over his corruption. Sharmila said criticising is part of democracy. She said a woman is being attacked by TRS leaders brazenly. She alleged that women have no security in KCR’s government. Sharmila alleged that she is being targeted by TRS “goons”.