SC Rejects AP Govt Plea On ‘Three Capitals’

The Supreme Court of India has rejected the petition of AP government which has sort the apex court’s intervention on AP High Court’s orders on the ‘Three Capitals.’ Declining to take up the petition, the Supreme Court made key suggestions to the AP High Court. But this is a blow to the YCP government.

The Supreme said the ‘Three Capitals’ row should be solved in the High Court but it should not be prolonged and in a confined time period, the verdict should be delivered. This is a good gesture by Supreme even though it rejected the government petition, it recommended to solve it at the earliest as it would clear the uncertainty surrounding it.

With the Supreme’s latest ruling, the case might come for hearing tomorrow in AP High Court. Coming to the actual case in AP High Court, it is supposed to come for hearing on August 28th i.e, on Friday but it is likely to be placed before the court tomorrow.

The AP High Court has issued a ‘Status Quo’ on the Gazette notification released by the YCP government. Farmers of Amaravati have approached both the Supreme and High Court on this notification. The rest are the consequences.