Jagan Final Warning To Those 32 MLAs!

YCP chief YS Jagan served a final warning to 32 MLAs and asked them to change their working style. Otherwise, he would not hesitate to ignore them in the next elections. Jagan reviewed the report of ‘Gadapa Gadapaku YCP government’ and he learned that the performance of 32 MLAs is very bad.

‘Gadapa Gadapaku YCP government’ was initiated this year in May and Jagan is seeking a report on it once every three months. Being the Chief Minister, Jagan is using the intelligence wing to analyse the performance of the MLAs and MPs. In the latest report 32 MLAs fell behind the parameters set by Jagan and he reportedly called all of them and served a final warning.

“This is your performance and work. I’m not satisfied and you have to change. I will show no mercy in giving tickets in the next elections. The next report will be available in March 2023 and I hope all of you will perform better from here on,” said Jagan.

However, the names of the 32 MLAs were not revealed to the media but we hear there are some big names in it. With a target of sweeping the next elections, Jagan wants his MLAs to be on their toes. The other day Jagan also lectured his ministers and ordered them to stay away from controversies and corruption.

This indicates Jagan is very stubborn on winning all the 175 Assembly seats and somewhere his party leaders are not taking him seriously. Hope this final warning will put things in line as Jagan wanted.