Jana Sena Keeps Distance From BJP!

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan doesn’t want to split the anti-incumbency votes in the next elections. Simultaneously he makes a statement that people of AP will decide whether he would be the next Chief Minister of the state.

Though both the statements are contradictory, Pawan being a celebrity, people reach his meetings in large numbers and clap to his political counterattacks. The reality is far from different.

When it comes to alliances, Pawan was upset with the BJP that it did not give the ‘Road Map’ to tackle the YCP government. But after PM Modi’s be visit, Pawan has gone mute. Still it is unclear whether BJP and Jana Sena are maintaining their alliance intact. Yet Pawan is in a disillusion that all the things will be sorted out in the days to come as said by PM Modi.

Despite assurance from PM Modi, Jana Sena is not happy with the BJP, is what we hear from the political circles. The reason being Jana Sena has lost faith in the BJP that it would support AP which is going through a severe financial stress.

Amidst this there were reports that BJP and Jana Sena will be coming together after a long gap. On the occasion of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s birth anniversary, BJP planned a conference on ‘Good Governance’ and sent invitations to Jana Sena leaders as well. Moreover it was the AP BJP leaders who leaked this conference details to the media.

However, Jana Sena leaders denied receiving any invitation from the BJP. Jana Sena clarified that they have no intentions of discussing elections and poll alliances with BJP as of now. For the same, there is a lot of time, said a Jana Sena leader.

This incident suggests that Jana Sena wants to maintain distance from BJP which indeed has no concrete plan for AP. With this Jana Sena is scared to associate with BJP.