Just 20 seats to Jana Sena?

In 2024 elections, the YCP is likely to go alone while TDP and Jana Sena are contemplating to go with alliance. Pawan is in no mood to split the anti-incumbency votes and so he would certainly opt for poll pact.

Pawan is currently in alliance with the BJP. Even though there are no proposals from the BJP regarding seat sharing, Pawan and TDP chief have come to a conclusion. When Chandrababu and Pawan met in Vijayawada, they reportedly discussed the same and they do have a clarity on the same.

Insiders say that Chandrababu accepted to allot 30 Assembly seats to Jana Sena but if Pawan’s party insists specific constituencies, TDP may offer just 20 seats. Pawan is said to be convinced with the 20 seats and he informed the party to work on them. With instructions from chief, Jana Sena has commenced poll work at 10 to 12 Assembly constituencies. Though the TDP is pretty much active at these places, the cadre has sidelined itself.

From political analysts we hear that Jana Sena is preferring UttarAndhra more over Rayalaseema region. In joint Vizag district, Jana Sena is eyeing at least three seats. At Rushikonda, Jana Sena is quite aggressive and is working on its strategies.

In East and West Godavari districts, Jana Sena wants a couple of SC segments and is asking one seat in Vijayawada city and three more in Guntur district. In case Kanna Lakshmi Narayana joins Jana Sena, the party wants to allot Guntur city and for Nadella Manohar, Tenali is the Assembly constituency in mind.

Jana Sena also wants to give a shock to irrigation minister Ambati Rambabu who has a lose tongue. Pawan is hell bent to defeat Ambati from Sathenapalli.

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has no calms in allotting 30 seats to Jana Sena and moreover he has knowledge of the winning chances of his party in those segments. Naidu is ready to let go for Jana Sena.

Also Chandrababu has decided to sacrifice Tirupati seat. Jana Sena is extremely confident that it would win with Balija community’s support.

In Anantapur and Kadapa districts, Jana Sena political affairs committee is checking the constituencies where it is willing to contest and is overseeing its chances and suitable candidates.