Buzz: Chandrababu’s Big Sketch For Tollywood

After the roaring success of the recently held public meeting in Khammam, it looks like Telugu Desam Party is once again making proper inroads into the newly formed Telangana state.

Before the bifurcation happened, Telangana used to be a stronghold of TDP but that disappeared after the formation of the state. However, a chance has fallen in Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s hands in a big way. 

With Telangana CM KCR creating the BRS party to foray into national politics, now TDP has found the biggest chance to re-incarnate itself as the best alternative for TRS, BJP and Congress here in the state.

Reports are coming that the former CM of United AP and Divided AP, Chandrababu is preparing a big sketch for TDP to make waves in the upcoming general election. As the party used to enjoy unilateral support from Telugu Film Industry earlier, ultimately the first sketch will be to regain their support. 

A talk is doing rounds that Chandrababu wants to meet some Telugu biggies and assure them of certain things if TDP gets help to make it big in the coming election.

Reports are coming that the party wants to grab at least 5-10 seats in the coming election such that their fortunes in Telangana will get resurrected.

As the cycle-walas have a cadre earlier here, surely things might work if Chandrababu gets his sketches right. But then, the party has to answer many unanswered things here in Telangana and we have to see what happens.