Sharmila Goes Into Silent Mode?

Y.S. Sharmila, who ventured into politics even when there was no opportunity for her to prosper in Telangana, had suddenly fallen silent. She is known for doing what she plans despite criticism against her. Sharmila walked for hundreds of kilometres even when surrounded by people opposing her, during her padayatra.

She never left any opportunity to fire salvos against the father-son duo, the ultimate power centres in the state. However, neither KCR nor KTR had dared to hit back at her even when a few of her remarks were insulting and unwarranted.

Taking advantage of this, she had increased criticism against KCR and KTR. In the recent past, she was taken into custody in a dramatic manner, citing law and order issues, even when it was clearly understood that the TRS government was trying to obstruct her padayatra. At this time, she herself drove the car to Pragati Bhavan and sensing trouble, police stopped her and asked her to get down. When she refused to do so, her car was dragged away by the towing vehicle. This episode has drawn much criticism by several people in Telangana.

After this, Sharmila had stalled her padayatra temporarily. Since then, she has been maintaining silence and seems to be off the track. The people are unable to understand the eerie calmness being maintained by her, when the elections are fast approaching.

With the BJP increasing its tirade against the ruling party, it is very easy to corner the father-son duo at this juncture. Given the determination and commitment Sharmila displayed, political analysts are wondering if she is maintaining the silence strategically or waiting for the right time to corner KCR.