Here Is Some Good News For Andhra Mandhubabulu

AP Telangana

Here is some good news for winebibbers. The AP High Court delivered verdict in connection with permission to carry liquor bottles from other states. Henceforth, each individual can carry a maximum of three bottles into AP while coming from other states, like in the past.

The High Court was dealing with a writ petition filed stating that the AP police and Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) sleuths were seizing liquor bottles from other states. The HC made it clear that each individual can carry three liquor bottles from other states and asked the government to implement GO 411 properly.

With the AP government imposing 75 per cent tax and not keeping many popular brands available for the boozers in AP, many of them are visiting neighbouring Odisha, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka to buy the popular liquor brands and come home with them.

However, the AP police and SEB officials have been seizing the liquor and recently, they also crushed the seized liquor bottles under a road roller.

This could not act as a deterrent as many winebibbers are managing to shift liquor bottles from other states by travelling through interior roads and forests, by hoodwinking the sleuths.

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