Who’s CM? YCP’s New Strategy

Ruling YSRCP has come up with a new political strategy to corner the opposition parties that are all set to unite to fight the government. With the TDP-Janasena’s grand alliance almost confirmed, YSRCP has decided to target the opposition and came up with “Who Is The CM Candidate?” for the alliance.

Ex Minister Kodali Nani first publicly targeted by asking, “Who is the CM candidate? Is it Chandrababu? Or Pawan Kalyan? Or Nara Lokesh?” Nani also stated that so far only the CM candidates in the state have done Padayatra including YSR, YS Jagan and Chandrababu Naidu. He asked how Lokesh is doing the Padayatra unless he is projected as the CM candidate. Nani brought this argument to confuse and create unrest among Janasena and its followers.

YSRCP leaders and its social media activists have started to highlight this “Who is the CM Candidate of Opposition?” widely. While maintaining that YS Jagan is their leader and their party CM candidate, YSRCP is questioning who is the CM candidate for TDP-Janasena combine.

If this is not enough, a section of media close to YCP started its propaganda that pressure is on TDP chief Chandrababu to announce Pawan Kalyan as the CM candidate. It cited that media houses close to Chandrababu had suggested this. It is said that the demand to announce Pawan as the Opposition parties CM candidate is gaining steam.

This is YCP’s political strategy to corner the opposition parties. This is a mind-game deployed by the ruling party. It wants to create infighting between TDP and Janasena and thus weaken the alliance. It also wants to portray to Kapus that their person isn’t the CM candidate. This was considered a ‘Master-Stroke’ by YCP.

Sadly, there are no takers for this strategy. This is not really working out as it was intended. Ruling party leaders thought this would catch Pawan Kalyan and Janasena leaders off-guard. But they’re hardly perturbed by the YCP’s mind-game. Instead, the common people are least bothered about the politics and strategy deployed by the ruling party. Neither Lokesh’s name nor Pawan Kalyan’s name did the trick.

Both TDP and Janasena are maintaining that they are working on a single agenda against Jagan and their only goal is to defeat Jagan for the progress of the state. Both the opposition parties want to keep YCP out of power by hook or crook. They have announced that alliances would be discussed and finalised at a later stage and this is too early to talk about. They are indicating a political alliance for the development of state and people, but not for power. Let’s wait and see what’s in store.