Can’t buy anything from pocket: Union Minister

Union Minister Kishan Reddy disclosed that even a central cabinet minister can’t buy anything from his own pocket. The reason being, an app (Mobile Application) has been developed and ministers are summoned to buy any of their requirements from this app so as to maintain transparency.

Minister Kishan Reddy was in Chennai on Monday for an event hosted by All India Telugu Federation (AITF). “It was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s idea that the central cabinet ministers should buy everything from the app and this will display the transparency the government is following. Once the order reaches us, we pay by cash,” said Kishan Reddy.

The minister meant that the central cabinet minister cannot purchase anything from the open market to get reimbursement from the union government. The government intends to have a proper invoice for every purchase made by the ministers and this will cut down unnecessary requirements and indirectly ease financial burden.