Lokesh Padayatra: Will These Huge Crowds Turn Into Votes?

TDP leader Nara Lokesh’s padayatra ‘Yuva Galam’ is evoking good public response. The walkathon launched on January 27 is going strong with people extending a warm welcome to their leader in respective constituencies. Lokesh met several people during his padayatra in Kuppam where he spent three days. Kuppam is the native constituency of his father and TDP boss N. Chandrababu Naidu. He interacted with various sections of the public and took note of their grievances.

Lokesh promised to allocate site to the vegetable market. He also promised to provide employment to the youth in huge numbers. He assured youth of providing necessary training in skills to help them find jobs. The TDP scion said a special manifesto would be prepared for the women exclusively.

People are voluntarily taking part in the padayatra and walking alongside Lokesh. With Yuva Galam and Jai Lokesh slogans rending the air, the atmosphere is charged up and vibrant, which even the party cadres have not expected.

Despite the unprecedented response to the walkathon, there is doubt if all the public support would convert to votes in the next elections. This question is pertinent as there are some shortcomings in the party at the grassroots-level which need to be addressed and a couple of leaders pointed out the same during meetings held by Lokesh.

The leaders drew Lokesh’s attention to false reports about ground-level realities. It will be good if Lokesh can address these failures as they would help the party in a big manner during the elections, said political observers.