No Mikes Allowed, Police Seizes Lokesh’s Vehicle

The YCP government which has been creating hurdles for TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh’s Yuva Galam Paadayatra, tried yet another trick to stop it. On Wednesday, Lokesh’s Paadayatra was going on in Palamaneru constituency and at a place, he climbed the campaign vehicle and addressed the people.

Here Lokesh used the mic and lashed out at the YCP government. The twist in tale after Lokesh getting down of the vehicle as the police seized the campaign vehicle and moved it to a nearest police station. This irked Lokesh and the TDP karyakarthas. Lokesh staged a protest on the road and questioned the police why was his vehicle seized despite having permission?

Strangely the police replied to Lokesh that mics were allowed to use in his Paadayatra. Fuming over the police, Lokesh said the G.O. 1 brought by the YCP government is against the Constitution of India.

Sensing the situation is slipping out of hands, the police pacified Lokesh and released the campaign vehicle. Later Lokesh continued with his Paadayatra.