Lokesh is a brainless child: Kodali Nani

Former minister and the ruling party’s loudmouth Kodali Nani has spewed venom at TDP leader N. Lokesh yet again. He termed Lokesh as a ‘brainless kid’ and ‘pappu gutti’.

Lokesh’s father N. Chandrababu Naidu is an old man and if the YCP men call him the same, Lokesh is taking exception. Who would deny that 75-year-old Naidu is an old man, Nani asked.

Lokesh is a brainless kid to speak nonsense. Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy is a gentleman. He did not call Naidu ‘Musalodu’ but said ‘Musalayana’. Lokesh is asking Jagan Mohan Reddy to walk along with his father to the Tirumala temple. Had Naidu been able to walk for long distances, he himself would have taken up the padayatra rather than ask this ‘pappu gutti’ to walk even while he is complaining of rashes between his thighs, the former minister said.

Lokesh cannot speak properly and he is not able to attract crowds in his padayatra. The police have shown him grounds to hold public meetings but this ‘sannasi’ goes into narrow lanes to hold public meetings, Nani said satirically.

The YCP leaders claim that their party would win all the 175 seats in the next Assembly elections but keep on criticizing the opposition party leaders, keeping a close watch on their every move. Do they have no other work than keenly observing the opposition leaders, asked a TDP leader.

They are in the ruling and would have a lot of work in the administration and governance of the state. Better focus on that rather than waste time on things that don’t warrant your attention, he added.