Not Mudragada, Jogaiah Is the Hero For Kapus

With elections a year away, Kapu welfare has taken the centre stage again. All the political parties are vying to secure the Kapu votes as they comprise nearly 27% of the total population in Seemandhra region. Political parties believe that the Kapu community holds the key to victory in the electoral battle.

Two senior Kapu leaders Mudragada Padmanabham and Hari Rama Jogaiah have the reputation of fighting for the welfare of the Kapus, which includes many subcastes like Balija, Telanga, Vontari, etc.

Hari Rama Jogaiah filed a writ petition in the court seeking the implementation of 5% quota to the Kapus, which was made into a law during the TDP regime. It is being believed that octagenarian Rama Jogaiah is more committed to the well-being of Kapus as he is trying to do something to the community even when he is not agile like before while Mudragada Padmanabham seems to have completely gone into a dormant mode after YCP president Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy assumed office as the Chief Minister. In fact, Mudragada has fallen silent even after Jagan Mohan Reddy had scrapped the law relating to Kapu quota by issuing two GOs.

When the TDP was in power, Mudragada had led a rebellion against the state government and headed a protest which turned violent and many Kapu activists were even booked in connection with torching a train. Now, he appears to have distanced himself from the cause.

Recently, Jana Sena boss Pawan Kalyan met Hari Rama Jogaiah and discussed Jagan’s betrayal. Reportedly, the duo felt that the quota was scrapped only as part of vendetta politics. They decided to move the court to secure quota to Kapus. Accordingly, the writ petition was filed in the name of Kapu Sankshema Sena.

Hari Rama Jogaiah even warned minister Gudivada Amarnath to stop criticizing Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan and advised that it would be good for his political future.

There is buzz that the octogenarian is more active compared to Mudragada in protecting the Kapus’ rights and well-being.