Jagan ‘special class’ to two ministers!

Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy admonished two ministers for unnecessarily poking their nose into the administration of their neighbouring constituencies.

According to sources, after the Cabinet meeting recently, the CM called the two ministers to his cabin, while they were leaving the premises. This issue has caught the attention of others in the ruling party. The CM reportedly received complaints that the two ministers were showing over enthusiasm in their neighbouring constituencies, neglecting the work in their respective departments. Jagan Mohan Reddy asked for the ground report and having received it, he called for the ministers after studying it completely.

The duo in question are first-time ministers and one of them belongs to the coastal Andhra region while the other is a woman minister from Rayalaseema.

It is learnt that the CM had the complaints as well as the cross-checking report in his hand and then asked them both of them to change their behavior. When the ministers tried to give an explanation, Jagan reportedly told them that he knew everything and that he has the reports in his hands. He also told them authoritatively that he had read the reports and then only was speaking to them following which the ministers had to keep quiet.

Jagan, reportedly, asked one of the ministers as to why he had behaved in such a manner to be in the headlines in the media. You are a minister and could directly met me if there are any problems, Jagan told the ministers. Are you interested to grab the limelight, he reportedly asked them.

This incident reveals that Jagan would not allow the ministers to behave as they liked but will have to remain in the framework designed for them by the CM. It is likely that there would be more such admonishment from the CM in the coming days as the elections are getting near, said a YCP leader.