Covid-19 Deaths: Telangana HC fumes On TRS Govt

The last time the Telangana High Court perceived the Covid-19 situation in the state, it appreciated the government for putting adequate efforts in hiking the testing scale and providing better facilities at government hospitals.

But in just three weeks time, the scenario has changed and yet again the High Court fumed on the TRS sarkar for their faulty ‘Daily Bulletin.’ The High Court posed many questions to the government and warned that the Chief Secretary might be asked to appear before the court, if this situation continues.

“In the daily bulletin, single digit deaths are being reported. Is it true that just 8 to 10 people are dying of the virus? Or the government is deliberately hiding the death count?” quizzed the High Court. Further the court stated the government is intentionally showing less number of positive cases and wants to know the reason behind it.

“If the government continues to show this misinformation in the daily bulletin, we shall have to call the Chief Secretary once again,” said the court and asked the government to provide actual data of Covid-19.

On private hospitals, the court made some serious comments. “How many hospitals were given show-cause notices and on how many hospitals, the action was taken? Why is the government dodging to act against these private hospitals when they’re looting the people?,” said the court.

Apart from this the court had also sorted the plans of disaster management and how much budget did the government spent on public health so far. The High Court asked the government to submit all the reports in detail by September 22nd and postponed the next hearing to September 24th.

Looks like the situation is back to times of May and June in Telangana when there was a huge panic and uninformed cases were reporting in huge numbers.