Kavitha Attacks BJP In Delhi

Telangana MLC and CM KCR’s daughter K Kavitha has hit out at the Centre in Delhi. Responding to the ED summons to appear for investigation in Delhi liquor scam, Kavitha described it as “politics of vengeance”. Kavitha criticised the Centre for misusing national investigating agencies like CBI, ED and IT departments to trouble the opposition party leaders.

Kavitha said BRS party ministers, MLAs and MLCs were BJP’s target in Telangana ahead of the general elections in the state that are scheduled to take place in November or December. Kavitha said the Centre is using tactics to threaten the opposition party leaders and it is BJP’s practice to corner opposition parties right before the elections. She said she is brave enough to face the ED charges. Kavitha reiterated that she would cooperate with the ED in the investigation of alleged liquor scam. She said she is ready to answer all the questions to be posed by the ED.

Kavitha said the law states that a woman should be investigated at her home whereas she was summoned by ED to its office for investigation. Kavitha said she is scheduled to take part in the protest in Delhi on 10th March for Women Reservation Bill. She said ED summoned her to appear before it on 9th March which she said was not possible due to her prior schedule. Kavitha said ED kept aside her request to postpone the investigation date to 11th March.

Talking about Women Reservation Bill, Kavitha said BJP had promised the bill in 2014 and 2019 poll promises but it failed to keep its word. She said BJP has a full majority to pass the bill and yet the party is delaying it. Kavitha appealed to the President Draupadi Marmu to ensure the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill.