MLC Polls: TDP Gives Tough Fight To YCP

In the Graduate MLC elections, the Telugu Desam is displaying full dominance over the YCP and the leading margin has crossed over 15,000 mark. In the Uttarandhra Graduate MLC poll, TDP’s candidate Vepada Chiranjeevi Rao is leading with a majority of 18,231 votes after four rounds of counting over YCP’s Seethamraju Sudhakar.

In the East Rayalaseema Graduate MLC polls, TDP is showing a similar trend. After four rounds of counting, TDP candidate Kancharla Srikanth secured a lead of 13,888 votes. After the fourth round, Kancharla received 65,439 votes while YCP candidate Shyam Prasad Reddy got 51,551 votes.

YCP has taken the lead in West Rayalaseema Graduate MLC polls and their candidate Vennapusa Ravinder Reddy is leading by 1965 votes after four rounds of counting. In the Anantapur Teachers MLC elections, YCP’s candidate Ramchandra Reddy was declared as winner and his margin was 169 votes.

Election officers announced Ramchandra Reddy’s victory after taking third priority votes into consideration. In East Rayalaseema Teacher’s MLC polls, YCP’s Chandrasekhar Reddy won with a majority of 2000 votes.

Overall the MLC polls look a mixed bag though YCP had slightly better numbers. But TDP did give a tough fight where YCP’s presence was strong.