#ByeByeJaganIn2024 Trends!

Y S Jagan

The Graduate, Teachers and Local Authorities MLC election results were a shocker for the YCP. Even though YCP won a couple of them unanimously, the victory of Telugu Desam candidates in the real polling made a huge difference. With TDP leading in UttarAndhra and East Rayalaseema MLC polls, the party received a big boost.

With results in favour of Telugu Desam, the social media was hit by memes and trolls . The hashtag #ByeByeJaganIn2024 started trending Friday morning. So far ten thousand netizens have commented using the hashtag.

The TDP social media handles too joined the chorus and trolled YCP and Jagan. “Psycho Povali, Cycle (TDP’s election symbol) Ravali,” is the slogan used by TDP in its handles. A video of Chandrababu Naidu saying “Jagan’s time is over” is being widely circulated.

Hindupuram MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna was confronted by the media at AP Assembly premises and reacting to the MLC results he added that the revolt has just begun.

Is YCP and CM Jagan feeling the heat now?