Telangana BJP In Josh With MLC Election Results

The state of Telangana will be going to Assembly polls later this year and so the political heat in the state is on the rise. The BJP which is putting a lot of effort to dethrone the BRS government, is targeting KCR and his family primarily. BRS MLC Kavitha getting involved in the alleged Delhi Liquor scam, Group 1 question paper leak are some of the events, causing distress in the BRS camp.

Amidst this the Teacher MLC elections have arrived and BJP supported candidate AVN Reddy emerged victorious. This was a comfortable victory for the BJP with chief Bandi Sanjay campaigning on behalf of Reddy.

During the campaign, Bandi Sanjay promised that the BJP government will ensure to resolve the problems teachers are facing and also credit their salaries on the first of every month. Bandi Sanjay’s promises have translated in votes and AVN Reddy secured a victory.

However, the BRS rubbed off on this victory. “Our party did not contest the elections and did not support anyone who is contesting. So the matter of BJP’s victory is nothing to worry about. The total number of votes polled is 25,000 and the BJP candidate won with a majority of just 1000 votes,” said BRS spokesperson Krishank.

But BJP has a different version. “Teachers sensed that they will get into trouble if they voted for any other person and so they preferred BJP’s candidate. Our win has put BRS in defence and we will replicate the same trend in the Assembly elections,” added T-BJP chief Bandi Sanjay.