3/3 Victory, TDP Shocks YCP

The Telugu Desam party recovered remarkably well in the West Rayalaseema MLC elections. In the counting process, YCP has displayed good dominance in the first preference votes but the scene changed with the second priority votes counting commenced. TDP has gained significantly with the second preference votes and is giving a tough fight to YCP.

No candidate received a clear majority with the first preference votes and so the election officials have started counting the second priority votes. Here TDP’s Bhumireddy Ramgopal Reddy received a big chunk of votes. He surpassed YCP’s Vennapusa Ravindra Reddy comfortably and is leading by 400 votes.

Even more surprisingly PDF’s candidate Nagaraju is standing second as per the latest updates and YCP’s candidate fell behind in the race. With the trend changing in favour of Telugu Desam, Vennapusa Ravindra Reddy and former MLA Visveshwar Reddy walked out of the counting centre. With this, the TDP leaders are confident that the victory is now on their side.

This is unprecedented and TDP has pulled all plugs to counter the YCP.