KCR Intentionally Avoiding Delhi Visit?

With national political ambitions, Telangana CM KCR converted his regional TRS into national BRS party. But the scenario did not change as KCR is not stepping out of Hyderabad and his farmhouse in Erravelli. For national politics ambition, one needs to be extensively in Delhi but it’s been a while that KCR visited the national capital.

KCR stopped talking about national politics and there is no word about the law & order issue in Punjab where the Aam Aadmi Party is in government. AAP and BRS have good understanding and this might be the reason, he is not talking about the Delhi and Punjab states.

Many thought that KCR would play an influential role in Delhi politics that he would meet many regional parties, speak to intellectuals and stuff. Nothing as such has happened so far. There is a reason for KCR avoiding Delhi and it is his daughter Kavitha getting involved in the alleged Delhi liquor scam. KCR sensed that if he is in Delhi, there will be a direct and indirect impact on his party, BRS.

Last time KCR toured Delhi was in December and it was when his BRS party temporary office was inaugurated. And every time KCR visited Delhi, he used to stay for at least four to five days. In the current situation, if he lands in Delhi, he will be confronted by the media and questions related to the Delhi liquor scam will be shot at him.

Aam Aadmi party’s Manish Sisodia getting arrested in the Delhi liquor scam and BRS maintaining good rapport with AAP are some of things KCR is weighing on. If visited Delhi, KCR is bound to pay a courtesy call to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and eventually meet other party leaders.

Instead, KCR is limiting himself to Hyderabad with the intention that it is not a very good time but is carefully watching the developments in the liquor scam and the things happening with AAP.