CM Jagan Warns Ministers?

Ever since YSRCP scored zero in Graduate MLC polls, the YCP cadre has been in rude shock. The party’s top brass and its leader CM Jagan are not able to process the result as opposition TDP swept 3 out of 3 seats. Apparently, CM Jagan expressed his displeasure over the functioning of ministers and senior leaders in the party for the result. Reportedly, Jagan fumed at ministers for not taking the polls seriously and not delivering the result.

Jagan’s uncle and party senior leader YV Subba Reddy had described the Graduate MLC polls as a referendum for governance. Before the elections, he had said that this was a key election which would decide the public mandate in 2024. Subba Reddy had stressed that the graduate MLC polls were held in 108 Assembly constituencies in 9 districts and a whopping 7.7 lakh voters voiced their opinion. But the result is a huge setback to the government.

In fact, CM Jagan’s home district Kadapa along with Kurnool and Anantapur voted against the government. Rayalaseema West and Rayalaseema East including Nellore, Prakasam and Chittoor have given shock to YSRCP. Post results, the ruling party leaders are in defence. But Subba Reddy’s comments have backfired miserably and pushed the ruling party leaders into oblivion. Several leaders and ministers are caught off-guard.

As per reports, CM Jagan has taken graduate MLC results quite seriously. He is said to have taken a class to ministers and MLAs and leaders. Surprisingly, ministers have given some lame reasons by throwing blame on MLAs. A minister complained against a local MLA for not spending funds in the MLC election. Another minister told CM Jagan that a MLA didn’t even answer his phone calls.

Hearing these reasons, CM Jagan reportedly became serious on ministers and questioned why they didn’t have grip over MLAs. Apparently, some ministers had predicted the defeat before the polls but they couldn’t dare to inform the CM. Jagan reportedly warned ministers that he would replace them with his men in the coming polls. Overall, the graduate MLC poll result stirred a hornet’s nest in YSRCP.