Why Is Janasena Silent Over BJP’s Allegations?

The Jana Sena has not responded over the remarks made by the BJP in connection with the defeat in the Graduate MLC polls. The BJP has lost all the three Graduate MLC constituencies. However, the humiliating defeat of the sitting candidate Madhav, in the Graduate MLC constituency from North Andhra region has been causing more pain to the BJP. Madhav made some serious allegations over the Jana Sena, three days ago.

He said that the BJP lost the MLC seat as its political partner Jana Sena did not cooperate with them during the polls. Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had not heeded to the BJP’s plea to cooperate with the party. He also alleged that Pawan had told the voters not to vote for the YCP but did not tell them to vote for the BJP. It is true that Pawan did the same thing. Pawan did not appeal to the voters to vote for the BJP and the party state chief Somu Veerraju too confirmed the same.

Veerraju said that the Jana Sena had not helped the BJP during the MLC polls. In fact, the Jana Sena did not support the BJP in any of the polls held till now in Andhra Pradesh. The JS did not help the BJP in Tirupati Parliamentary bypolls, Atmakur bypolls or in Badvel bypoll.

It is only during the local body polls, the JS and BJP had an understanding.

Why is the BJP raising a hue and cry over the non-cooperation of the JS now while the situation had been the same even during the earlier polls? The BJP is repeatedly complaining but the Jana Sena is remaining silent. The silence of Pawan Kalyan or JS senior leader Nadendla Manohar on the issue is equal to accepting the allegations being levelled by the BJP.

In such a situation, there is a suggestion that the BJP and JS snap the ties if they are not able to go together.